1 December 2019

(7!) Advent Calendar Round Up - 2019 - week 1 (@NLi10) #Cats

Happy Advent!

while this was a lot of fun I'm really busy this year so I thought I'd just do one a week with the highlights.  I'll put that up later - but here are the super highlights!

We have 7 advent calendars this year - 4 in the £10 category and the rest gifted to us.

First up we have a cardboard - non edible one.

It makes more sense in the video

I'll show you how it's daily construction progresses later.

This year's dairy free version is off to a better start - but the prizes are much smaller than the epic cube would have had me believe!

Monty Bojangles is the safe pair of hands this year - like the biscuits last year I basically know that I get something amazing every other day (sharing grumble grumble)

I went for the Pukka tea calendar again because it's fabulous - if not a little samey - that's last years behind it.

Today was tumeric, it's fine.

My parents got me a Lindt calendar which has some unusual choices in it for a change.

Home made rocky-road (which always wins)

and something for the cat...

...which she's not impressed by.

Will see how it goes over the 4 weeks.


Lisa said...

Our cat has the same kitty advent calendar. For the past few days she's been practically glued to the thing - if we move the calendar, she will follow, plonk herself down on top and rub her face all over it, then sit contentedly with her paws resting on it. She wasn't very impressed by the first treat yesterday though, she ate a bit of it but I think the catnip smells better than it tastes.

NLi10 said...

Ours ignored the catnip one but did try to open the Monty Bojangles one!!