15 December 2019

Advent Pile Round-up 9th to 15th Dec 2019 (@NLi10)

Mon Dec 9th - orange Monty just out of shot - one of the more interesting teas from last year with some fairly standard choc.  The cardboard cats get a nice fire to add to their living room which is good.

Dec 10th - cat on a chair! Oh wait - we already had that - the bauble on the tree was today's number.  We don't have a normal tree as that would just be a cat toy store.  Looks like the same Monty as yesterday but I didn't think we'd had any back to back doubles at this point. Lindt and dairy free both standard.

Day 11 - hazelnut Monty.  More cats on chairs.  Two teas today as for some reason I didn't get the tea off the calendar yesterday.  The peppermint licorice is one I've had a box worth of since so we know that's nice, yesterdays was one of the new trio bags - three licorice - I'll try that later on.  Red Lindt today - those never last long.

Day 12 - three chamomile tea - nice and relaxing - and our first cookie flavoured Monty! I'd not realised we'd not had any of these yet.  Cute little siamese/burman cat to play with the lindt ball. 

I've obscured Day 13s decoration a bit here - it's the table! Tea is one we have a lot of too, and a pink Monty - original flavour?  I'm getting confused at this point. Lots of the little Lindt balls now.

Day 14 sees more cookies, the little lindt bar but with a squirrel (cute) and three ginger which is a new flavour tea.  Cat looks very stern - it's guarding the house.  Quite a lot of cats now...

Day 15 is the first cat food item - no wonder they all look annoyed!  We also get another cookie truffle - 3 in 4 days.  You'd be dissapointed if this wasnt' one of the best texture ones on offer!  Classic bear Lindt reminds us that only two of the prizes are not mini versions.  Guess its a good job with so many calendars.

As for the Nomo dairy free chocolate disks - they just don't excite us at this point.

9 of the 15 remain un-eaten and only one of the others was eaten by my partner.  Now - don't get me wrong - these are edible and credible - but there is a lot of Christmas snacking going on and these are likely to get left until most of the normal things are gone.  All they had to do was have a few more festive touches - maybe a picture on the foil (or just not two colours that are nearly identical so you need one of each to know what flavour you are getting).  There are slogans on all the doors which is cool (Monty didn't bother for some reason - only some days have slogans) and the cube is still a lovely touch.  

The Lindt chocs - while tiny - are only a day or two behind in our eating and won't last til Jan at this rate.  I think it's a lower priced calendar and maybe comparing it to the £10 (and £12 Monty) was a little harsh.

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