22 December 2019

Advent Pile Round-up 16th to 22nd Dec 2019 (@NLi10)

If you want more of the same - part 1 is here, and part 2 is here!

I've been recording the advent calendar contents here on top of the non-food cat calendar.

16th Dec sees a licorice and cinnamon tea, another cookie truffle and the usual ball and vegan choc additions.  Today's cardboard was a Christmas pudding which isn't what I expected the cats to be after!

17th has ball and disc, with a plain truffle and one of the more Christmassy teas - wild apple and cinnamon.  I made this for one of the other reviews and maybe the bag wasn't quite strong enough to go for a full pint.  Nice though.  Today's cat calendar addition was the lovely owl who is safely in the tree.

18th sees one of the startled tortoise shell cats and the welcome return of the pistachio monty.  The tea is the skinny matcha tea that I had last year, nice but not going to cause weightloss magically.  Also ball & disc.

19th is another hidden cat with the orange truffle, mini bar and disc.  The tumeric teas were interesting enough last year that I'm quite happy to try this one a second time.  Especially as it gets colder.

20th Dec is a candle to put in the tree.  With around 12 cardboard cats this is madness. Hazelnut monty, ball and disc.  The tea is a new one I think and sounds quite exciting.

21st Dec sees more pistachio (yay!) and a nice festive Chai tea (and a tiny cardboard present).  Ball and disc present as usual.

22nd I put the cat in facing the opposite direction to recomended as it'd certainly prefer to be by the fire.  The blackcurrant infusion looks like a nice one - again they thought about the winter suitability.  Red ball hiding at the back, blue disk at the front.  Orange Monty always welcome as it's quite possibly my favourite (although the cookie and pistachio ones are ace too).

I'll hide the last 2/3 days in my boxing day review.

Merry Christmas to all!

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