28 December 2019

Tunnel Brewery Antler Ale (Attingham Park) By @SpectreUK

Tunnel Brewery Antler Ale

So there I was with my head deep inside my cavernous beer fridge looking for something that sounded wintery. This Antler Ale practically jumped out at me. We haven't been to Charlecote House and Park for many years, and I didn't realise that this Antler Ale had originated from around that area. We spent a really lovely day there seeing the deer in the park, the house with its rooms and kitchens, and also the brewery, and the stagecoach collection. Reading the label of the bottle of this Antler Ale reminded me of the day out that we spent there, and the fact that we should probably go there again sometime.

This Antler Ale from the Turrel Brewery, in Warwickshire, was described on the label as being a copper Red Ale, smelling of sweet orange and berries, with a fruity finish. On opening the 330ml bottle of this 5% volume ale, there was definitely a sweet amber malt aroma packed full of fruitiness from the hops. Antler Ale is a little like smelling a fruit cake ready for a winter dessert. On taste the sweet malts jump to the fore in the initial flavour, followed closely by the fruity lightly bitter hops that smooth out into the aftertaste. This Antler Ale is like drinking a malty fruit cake. It could be classed as a pudding beer it's so fruity. Certainly one to be enjoyed on its own after a heavy meal, or washing down what's left of the Christmas cake or some mince pies! Yum!

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