17 December 2019

McVities Digestives Twists - Chocolate Chip and Coconut (Lidl) By @Cinabar

McVities Digestives Twists - Chocolate Chip and Coconut

This is a new range of biscuits from McVities which are a “twist” on their usual flavours. This particular packet of biscuits are Digestives with a twist of Coconut and Chocolate Chips.
I really like coconut but I have discovered that it is a bit of a Marmite flavour, some people really hate it. Almost to comical levels. I think coconut is a very mild and remarkably inoffensive flavour but it turns out the dislike is from the texture not the taste so much. That crispiness from desiccated coconut seems to upset people to such an extend that a supermarket own brand tin of chocolates had a rogue coconut chocolate in an unexpected colour wrapper and one of my work colleagues behaved like she has been poisoned.
This is relevant to these biscuits because there texture is lovely and light but has that crispy texture of desiccated coconut mixed in. I enjoyed the texture, I liked the crunchy feel that was mixed in but I’m aware this can upset some people. I don’t get it, I love texture so found these extra nice.
The flavour was good too, there was the wholesome flavour of the digestive biscuits, which went well with the sweetness from the chocolate chips and the creaminess off the coconut. They were very much subtle on the flavour and easy eating and I loved them. I felt the laid back flavours meant these were still digestive through and through, and were just enhanced by a little chocolate and coconut.
What are your feelings in coconut? Would the texture of it put you off these biscuits?

McVities Digestives Twists - Chocolate Chip and Coconut

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Anonymous said...

Thought these tasted like those cheapo coconut ring biscuits