26 December 2019

Weissbeer and Tea - Christmas Style (@NLi10)

Merry Christmas & a Happy Unboxing Day!

Just before Christmas I went to Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market and got my self a lovely Weissbeer to drink at 11:30 am as I wondered around the shops.  I got a lot of very judgemental looks - not only because I was in the only person who dared to wander around with the big beer in the shopping areas, but it was a little early in the day.

Fortunately I spotted that they did an alcohol free Weissbeer so I'd chosen that - and got to do a bonus review of this new experience!  It was odd, it certainly had the right flavour and alcohol feeling of the real thing, but none of the boozy effects.  My brain wasn't entirely convinced that it wasn't alcoholic though so I did need the loo for most of the bus journey home!

So why did I cap off my Christmas shopping with a giant beer?

For the commemorative glass tankard of course!

I've no idea which were this year's designs and which were glasses that had been passed around for ages, but I figured as it was scratch free and pretty enough I'd keep the one I was given instead of risking a swap for a clean one.  And I road-tested it with one of my Christmas calendar teas.

As suspected - a full pint of Apple & Cinnamon tea was a little weak from a Pukka tea bag (they are great quality, but not quite as mighty as required) so I'll have to switch to my Tea-Pigs ones, or...

Use the T-Bird to make some lovely loose leaf stuff.  It does look like he's doing a Penn & Teller water escape!

I do love a pint of green tea when the weather is cold.  I think it's my equivalent of a nice glass of wine.  And while I do drink the odd beer these days I do think that there is nothing better for sitting working or watching the TV.

This is the Liverpool Tea Company's green blend.  Finally I have a big mug to put it in at work.

And it kind of looks like a weak British larger when it's been left to brew for a while!

The final prizes in the advent calendar were better than most of the daily offerings.  The Nomo bar is very similar chocolate but at least a decent size.  As expected the giant cube is hollow which makes for a great cat toy.  Lindt Santa isn't their biggest size but is more than generous.  The Monty Scoffles aren't that exciting compared to the rest of the things, but are great for Christmas Day as you can share them with guests!

The cardboard Cat calendar really surpassed my expectations.  While it'll probably get samey every year - compared to the £10 food calendars this actually offered a lot of entertainment and is a nice Christmas ornament even if you put it all up on one day next year.

So here's to 2020 and the inevitable healthy detox reviews!

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