5 December 2019

Whole Earth Organic No Caf Coffee Alternative (@NLi10)

I drink coffee but it's maybe once a month.  Near the end of last winter I added this to a Holland & Barrett order to round up the postage, or to get one of their crazy offers.  The weather was just getting warmer so I left it in the cupboard.  Now I need warm drinks again, and I can't possibly drink any more caffeine without pinging off the walls.

This is basically somewhere between Coffee and Horliks - being a deep malty drink.

It looks fairly Eco - and it's been around a while

It's pretty easy to make and they don't add sugar so you get to choose.

And it's reasonably healthy with no added vegans.

They correctly assessed that the best part of coffee is cracking the seal on a new jar

And it looks the same

well maybe a bit bubblier, and the smell is not that of normal coffee

But it makes a nice cup for the afternoon - or for in the middle of the night when you can't sleep.

Well recommended - I should have opened it sooner!

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