18 December 2019

Cadbury’s Boost Protein bar (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

So I finally went to see the surgeon who fixed my knee yesterday. He patted me on the back (so to speak) for all the hard work I've done in the gym to regain most of the muscles around my knee, and also for losing roughly three and a half stone since January. Then came the bad news. He said that because of the damage to the bones inside my knee I will have to keep my weight down and keep up with the exercises in order to maintain the muscles in my knee, then and only then would the likelihood of a replacement knee in twenty years time be low. That's good as I don't want to have further surgery and a bionic knee or whatever, but the hard work I've put in so far continues for the rest of my life. So rather than a completely fixed knee and back to work and play, it'll be exercise, a good healthy balanced diet, and also work and play. Many or all of us should probably be doing such a balance, but we all know that work generally tries to take over from everything else…

Anyway, the good balanced diet continues with calorie counting as well as exercise. I usually allow myself crisps and a mini malt loaf with my lunch after the gym, both of which I like very much indeed. It's important to like what you're eating even if some of it, like the crisps, aren't so healthy. Though without the naughty snack food and a little booze now and then, I might as well just blow my head off! So you can imagine I'm a little miffed at having to drop both crisps and malt loaf to try and shoulder the calories that come with this Cadbury's Boost Protein bar, especially when the surgeon tells me that maintaining the muscles is key now, rather than growing them. However a high protein diet as well as a mostly balanced diet with it has got me this far. I still need to fix my muscles after I've been to the gym, so the protein yoghurts and other protein packed foods help with that.

So this Cadbury's Boost Protein bar has layers of Cadbury's Milk Chocolate, which is my favourite chocolate, as well as Cadbury's Caramel, which is my favourite caramel and also protein crisps within it. I don't know whether I like protein crisps, but I guess I'm just about to find out… On unwrapping I found the bar is also covered with Cadbury's Milk Chocolate, so this just gets better and better. However you may need good teeth to eat this bar as biting into it was pretty tough. The protein crisps seem to be wrapped in a gooey Cadbury's Caramel underneath the covering of Cadbury's Milk Chocolate. Both the Cadbury's Milk Chocolate and Cadbury's Caramel in the bar are two of my favourite things - did I already mention that? These in my opinion are two of the greatest flavours on Earth. However and most unfortunately neither flavour could seem to mask the slightly weird taste of the protein crisps, which tasted slightly chemically orientated. Try as they might and they almost succeeded they didn't mask the chemical flavour. Both Cadbury's Milk Chocolate and Cadbury's Caramel flavours were there to start with, unfortunately the chemical flavour was dominant into the aftertaste. This made for a slightly unpleasant after-flavour in my mouth, which convinced me to stick with my potato crisps and malt loaf with my usual protein packed yoghurt to finish!

Information on the wrapper;
There are 249 calories in the 49g bar, with 13g of fat, 17g of sugars and 0.11g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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