29 December 2019

Poundland Roundup - Twin Peaks 2020 and weird skittles (@NLi10) #TwinPeaks

Since 2017 I have sought out and reviewed a new version of the Poundland Toblerone they call Twin Peaks every year.  First it was normal, then white and this year I'd expected to review a dark version but - well - they kind went overboard!

So -  to summarise - Cookies & Cream, Dark, Popping Candy, Honeycomb Crisp AND Fruit & Nut are all new to the range this year.  This is a landmark in the Poundland confectionery aisle.

I bought Fruit & Nut for my Dad (he approved) and popping candy for me - presuming due to the wrapper colour that it would be white choc.

This was not the case.  Luckily the Yorkie style Poundland milk choc is great so the bar is perfectly good.  The little explosions mingle with the existing almond and nougat (which again I'd just assumed they'd leave out) and work really well.  Not overwhelmingly childish like regular exploding candy, not just ordinary chocolate.  A win.

If I hadn't been acutely aware that everyone gets a snack blogger food for Christmas I'd have stocked up on more.  Maybe I'll head back before next Christmas.

Also on offer were some Skittles that were new-to-me, Skittles Dips and Skittles Winter Fruits (not pictured as I gave those away - and I suspect now she knows of their existence Cinabar will be getting those).

These dips are basically yogurt coated raisins, but with the normal skittles inside instead of the horrible raisins.

I thought it'd be too weird but it makes them a lot less acidic and actually enables you to eat more of them than usual.  This is probably a bad thing.

The Poundland I visited was very busy due to Christmas so I rushed in and out, but I was pleasantly surprised to find so many exciting things to eat a few of and then donate to the snack table.

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