9 December 2019

Pret’s Festive Lobster Roll (Pret) By @Cinabar

We had a busy day doing some Christmas shopping and we stopped to pick up a bite to eat using Pret takeaway. They did have a traditional turkey based sandwich on their menu but I also spotted this Festive Lobster Roll. I’m not sure how a lobster is festive but it is a luxury, so it certainly sounded indulgent and I couldn’t resist. The baguette is so ‘special’ that unlike most of their other sandwiches this one come in a posh box, which was Christmas red and looked rather smart.
When you are eating a Lobster Roll you can’t help feeling a little posh, pretentious moi? The sandwich is on a white small baguette and the filling consists of lobster, dressing, cucumber and spring onion. The flavour is actually fantastic. The bread is fluffy but with a light crunch on the crust. The flavour from the lobster is nicely enhanced by the dressing which is both cooling and fresh with lemon and has a gentle warmth from some chilli. The cucumber slices add loads of lovely crunchy texture, which really made it enjoyable to eat. I liked the spicy tang from the spring onion slices that were generously sprinkled inside this Festive Lobster Roll.
It may not be a traditional Christmas sandwich but as seasonal ones go this is one of the best. I think this might be a little posh for a every day take out sandwich, but after Christmas shopping we felt like we needed a treat.

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