13 December 2019

Ritter Sport - Merry Christmas Tree (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

I used to love chocolate Neapolitans as a kid. We would get a box at Christmas time and it would be full of what looked like miniature chocolate bars and have a mix of flavours. It would make me happy. I noticed these disappeared some time ago, I know some makes like Marks and Spencer do something similar but I haven’t seen the blue box which I think was Nestle for a long time now. These Ritter Sport Merry Christmas Tree Chocolates made me think of them and I was hoping for something similar.

The packaging is lovely, a smart looking tree with a tantalising set of chocolates inside. The base of the packaging says “assorted filled milk chocolate” which isn’t a lot of information about what the contents may or may not contain. Once the Ritter Sport - Merry Christmas Tree was opened it was clear there were only two “assorted” flavours and the variety descriptions weren’t even written in English on the chocolates. We had:

Red Pack - “A La Mousee au Chocolate” - This was a soft silky milk chocolate truffle. It was rich in flavour and was sweet and enjoyable.
Yellow Pack - “Schoko Crisp” - This was a darker chocolate with a nice rice crispy crunch. There was lots of rich chocolate flavour, and this was my favourite out of the two because of the interesting texture.

I think the packaging here is lovely, but would have liked more information about the contents and more selection too as the two varieties were quite basic. I did enjoy the chocolates and thought these were a nice stocking filler gift, they just weren’t the Neapolitan “miniature Ritter Sport” bars I had been hoping for.

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