12 December 2019

Pieminister Xmas Pies in Nellie Dean pub in Soho (@NLi10)

While in London for a visit to the Apollo for the Christmas Compendium of Reason we popped into a small unassuming pub which promised to sell us PieMinister Pies

The Christmas menu looked exciting so I deliberately chose one that Cinabar hadn't written about (The Cracker is here) and went for the vegan option of 'turkey' in The Good Elf.  Naturally I went for the option that added crackling and a pig in blanket (singular - booo).

The Nellie Dean is a nice little pub with actual window views.  You can imagine that this location was a pub during the Ghost Map era of London - maybe John Snow (not those ones) drank here!

Bare bricks are somehow comforting in a pub.

And here is the pie! The crackling was a good size and not scary so I ate it.  The tiny pig in blanket was less impressive, but the swede mash was great so all is forgiven.  The normal mash was fine but a little rock hard in places!

The pie was naturally demolished.  It went really well with the random IPA that I had - with the port flavour mixing well.  The vegan turkey had a good texture and would pass for low quality meat, but I'd have not guessed it was turkey and could easily tell it wasn't the usual thick chunks of chicken or beef that Pieminister usually brings.

Absolutely loved it though and will happily grab one or two to eat at home as it's seasonally appropriate to do so.

Merry Christmas indeed.

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