19 December 2019

Work Christmas Food from Waitrose - plus a chocolate teapot (@NLi10)

Oh Heston, you are such a merry japester! There are a lot of really, really cool items in the Waitrose Christmas range but none more brilliantly extravagant than this one.

The chocolate teapot is the proverbial useless item.  I'm personally hoping that there is a special sealant inside so this an actually be used, but with ice-tea I guess it'd be fine.

It looks absolutely exquisite - and the fact that it comes with tea-leaves and sugar is a lovely touch.  At £20 its just too much to justify though and we left it on the shelf.  I'm hoping to get one in the Waitrose online sales (me and everyone else I suspect) - that or the Avocado!

We didn't buy this - but I did get to distribute a massive tower of choc.  Probably more than £20 worth, but may go a little further!

What I did buy for work was these amazing bread loops.  Again, at £2 a little expensive, but my goodness so worth it!  The olives were great too having a little more pepper and a little stronger marinade than your traditional ones.

This little tree of profiteroles was only £5 from Iceland! We even had spare ones left over - you get 60!  If you want something to keep a young teen busy while you sort the plates out then it's also a fun project (please get them to wash their hands!)

As this was all yesterday, today I was firmly on leftovers with these Lidl wraps and Waitrose Pretzels.  I could just eat salty bread for the entire festive period!

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