2 December 2019

Galaxy Truffles (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

As it is coming up towards Christmas there are some new chocolate products coming out. These Galaxy Truffles are clearly meant for the gifting market, but I bought them to eat while watching the Sunday episode of Strictly. A bit of an indulgence at the weekend but it was after a busy day of getting the Christmas tree and decorations set up.
These chocolates are from the Galaxy brand, and are described as the “truffly side of Galaxy”. All the chocolates in the box are the same and it felt a shame not to have a mixed box of flavours.

The packaging is smart though with a nice box and the chocolate are brightly packaged in blue and pink wrappers. These were remarkably easy to open, just untwist the top and the chocolate is inside. The chocolates inside are dome shaped and have the Galaxy G on them. The coating is Galaxy milk chocolate but the filling is a dark coloured truffle.

These chocolates are very rich, and have lots of cocoa in them. I liked the smoothness of the Galaxy milk chocolate on the outside, it complements the darker centre. The texture is smooth too, with the filling being thick but still silky. There is a lot of chocolate flavour packed into these Galaxy Truffles. They do have the taste of Galaxy, but as they are quite strong I didn’t eat as many as I thought I would. I had a couple with a hot drink and that was the perfect number, which means I can pick at these through the week which is a bonus. Is it Friday yet?

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