14 December 2019

St Peter’s Without Beer (Miller & Carter @StPetersBrewery) By @SpectreUK

St Peter’s Without Amber Beer

On a family Christmas Meal at the Miller & Carter Steakhouse, I was the only person who had a steak meal! I know, it's a Steakhouse, right?! Everyone else had a turkey meal. I had my favourite cut of ribeye. I used to be able to eat a 16oz ribeye and chips, with a couple of side dishes of garlic mushrooms and cheesy mushrooms, plus a salad and garlic bread to start with, and then a cake or whatever pudding to finish. Now my tummy has all but disappeared after months of solid exercise and calorie watching in order to appease my recovering knee and its uncompromising surgeon, I can just about manage a 12oz ribeye with some chips and a salad, and then a cup of Earl Grey and a biscuit to finish!

If I don't go to the gym before my steak meal, then I'm unlikely to have a beer or stout to wash it down with. I usually have a diet lemonade, but unbelievably they only had diet types of Cola or Pepsi, neither of which I'm a fan of. Cinabar found this St. Peter's Without amber beer on the menu. It's low in calories and has no alcohol in it, which helped with driving after the meal.

There was a heavy smell of amber malt from the open bottle which was delivered by the cheerful waitress. This deep amber coloured nonalcoholic beer has a strong sweet amber malt flavour to start with that is mixed with possibly crystal malt behind it, and then a smooth delicate bitterness from the hops into the aftertaste. Although this St. Peter's Without went exceptionally well with my steak meal, I believe it would also make a delicious pudding beer. St. Peter's Without has a lip-smacking dominant rich and sweet amber malt flavour followed by a gentle bitterness. I couldn't tell that St. Peter's Without didn't have any alcohol in it, and I enjoyed drinking it too much to care. I was very impressed indeed with this flavourful amber nonalcoholic beer, and would definitely have it again. It'll be good for those designated drivers over Christmas who miss their beer too!

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