21 December 2019

Borough Market Wet Hop IPA Beer (@Boroughmarket) By @SpectreUK

I'm feeling privileged to have been sent a can of this Borough Wet Hop IPA. It was produced by the Beak Brewery with wet hops grown within the Borough Market's Market Hall. Borough Wet Hop IPA is this year's limited edition, so for them to send me a can to drink and write about blows my mind. I know I've been a beer blogger for around ten years now, and this feels like a fitting way to celebrate that, but still an honour is felt. So thank you. Gosh, I hope I like it…

I want to start with a big shout out to all the people who work very hard indeed and also everyone who visits the Borough Market, as well as all markets across the globe. For many years now they have had trying times. So I want to wish them all from the bottom of my heart a very safe and Merry Christmas, and also a Happy New Year!

This is the first year that aluminium cans have been used as packaging by the Borough Market instead of bottles for sustainability purposes. On opening the 4.3% volume Borough Wet Hop IPA, I immediately smelt the unusual herbal hoppy aroma. Especially moving a little too close to the can I gained a little froth on my nose. This deep golden India Pale Ale has a strong herbal hoppy aroma followed by the sweetness from the malts. On taste there is a rich and biting bitterness from the wet hops, which is smoothed by the sweetness of the pale malt and possibly crystal malt into the aftertaste. Gosh, I wish they had sent me some more cans of this. Merry Christmas and as Oliver Twist said; "er… please, Sir, can I have some more?"

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