1 May 2022

Cadbury Dairy Milk + Daim (and Daim XXL) by @NLi10

 I wasn't sure that I liked Daim (or Dime) bars anymore. They had cool adverts in my youth and I'd eat them occasionally but they were nothing special.

So - when I got the huge (still going - that's how huge) XXL bag I thought "great, opportunity to relive some childhood nostalgia!"

Look how tiny the individual bars are!  Two bites of lovely cinder toffee and a light chocolate coating - I remember these - I did like them!  The reason I have some left is they are perfect to sneak into the cinema and eat 4 or 5 over the course of an unnecessarily long superhero movie.

So when our corner shop (that isn't on a corner) picked up this Cadbury Daim crossover I decided it'd be lovely to try.  And while it is certainly a Dairy Milk bar, i'm not sure it does what I need.

On the top it's basically the modern, incorrectly shaped Dairy Milk bar (don't make such a big deal out of the chunk shape for our entire childhood and then expect no feedback when you change it!).

And inside it's...

Well - its a normal Dairy Milk bar with occasional chunks of Daim.  I kinda expected a little more Daim, but this is sweet enough and I do enjoy it, but I enjoy the little bag of XXL Daim even more (and plan to get another bag if I can once it's defeated).

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