23 May 2022

What The Fanta 3 Mystery Flavour 2022 (Ocado) By @Cinabar

What The Fanta 3 Mystery Flavour 2022

We have been getting an almost annual What The Fanta Mystery Flavour, and it always causes mild panic in me. This is because I feel like I should be better at guessing flavours than I am. I taste test so many foods and drinks, and curious combinations that I should be able to do this, but inevitably I struggle. I know I’m over thinking this, I’ll just open the bottle.

Firstly, this drink is bright pink, it has an epic colour, but I’m also aware this bottle of What The Fanta 3 Mystery Flavour may in no way be related to the pink colour. Fanta are probably messing with us. Next thing to note is this drink is made with artificial sweeteners, worth noting as I know it puts some people off.

I took a sip and let the flavour wash over me in the hope that inspiration would kick in. I think there are two tones in the drink. There is a mellow tone which reminds me of peach or melon and a sharper berry tone, possibly blueberry. The drink is also sweet, very sweet through and through. I liked it, but then I have a very sweet tooth. I thought it was a fruity, refreshing drink for summer. I would still welcome anyone else's guesses. I fear I may be nowhere near the mark!

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