14 May 2022

Skinny Brand Premium Lager (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Skinny Brand Premium Lager

I hate counting calories. I have to count calories. I hate counting calories!

I've been counting calories for about two years now. With a great deal of exercise from around 6am every morning, asides the weekends where I generally get a lie in until 10am, and then start exercising. My exercise is a mixture of light weights and yoga, and then also limiting myself to around 2,200 calories a day. I can pretty much lose a little weight, keep my muscle tone, and then keep my weight to a minimum. If I don't do this, I get fatter and heavier and can't walk upstairs due to my sore old knee after it's second rather specialist operation. However I'm now lighter and fitter than I ever have been, which is good for a guy in his mid-forties.

Did I say I hate counting calories? These new Skinny Brand Premium Lagers are 89 calories. So after some serious management I get my tuna sandwich,mpacket of Space Raiders, a tomato, protein yogurt, an apple, and a mini Soreen loaf for lunch. Then for dinner I can have a McDonald's triple cheese burger, small fries, and a McFlurry to finish, and then snack on a whole bag of Orange Maltesers Buttons whilst watching the end of Midnight Run later. Like I said, counting calories is time consuming and tedious, but really worth the effort to eat whatever I like within reason.

Skinny Brands is in Ashton under Lyme in the UK. At 4% in volume this 330ml bottle of Skinny Brand Premium Lager has 35% fewer calories than other premium lagers, and is said to be "Full flavour". On opening the bottle there was a citrus hop smell with barley malt just behind it. This was quite a fizzy and yet very flavoursome lager. It certainly didn't taste like such a low calorie beer. There was a citrus bite to start with and then that sweetness from the malted barley into the aftertaste.

I'll definitely enjoy the other three bottles with other meals in the future. Now with the onset of summer, this flavoursome, refreshing lager will be rather good in the garden with a good book, some sunshine, and a packet of pork scratchings on a lazy afternoon. Ah, counting calories isn't so bad you know, it's just a matter of balancing things out. Oh and there's the working out like a crazy person aspect with it though.

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