21 May 2022

Veltins Pilsener Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Veltins Pilsener Beer

I have a huge schnitzel for dinner tonight. Very German, I know. I'll have it with some potatoes and vegetables on the side. What better to have a schnitzel with than a German beer? This Veltins Pilsener was brewed in Grevenstein, in Germany, by the Veltins Brewery which was established in 1824. At 4.8% in volume I'm just guessing that this Veltins Pilsener has Pilsner lager malt in it? Just a hunch, though.

So on opening the bottle there was a strong herbal hop aroma followed closely by a yeastiness and sweetness from the malts. This deep golden beer had an excitable bubbliness on pouring. Veltins Pilsener had quite a bite of herbal hops to begin with followed by the sweetness of Pilsner lager malt. I certainly found this beer a perfectly tasty accompaniment to my rather huge schnitzel dinner. It was all very tasty indeed. Cheers.

Veltins Pilsener Beer

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