7 May 2022

Crabbie’s Rhubarb Alcoholic Ginger Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Crabbie’s Rhubarb Alcoholic Ginger Beer

I love rhubarb. Not with custard. Even though there was a particularly crazy cartoon called Rhubarb and Custard when I was a child. I love rhubarb for pudding all sugared up in its own juice. I love rhubarb juice too. Although I probably have it way too sugary when made from rhubarb grown in the garden.

I love ginger beer. Not particularly ginger ale, as it's not fermented, and is generally made from ginger flavoured carbonated water having a tendency to not be very fiery. Although I have tried a few ginger ales that have been fiery. I tend towards the ginger beer, and always have a glass to help settle my stomach every night after dinner.

So what could go wrong with this Crabbie's Rhubarb Alcoholic Ginger Beer? I have confidence that nothing can go wrong with it. I've had Crabbie's drinks before and generally liked them. In fact I've tried a Rhubarb Cider by Crabbie's in the past and I'm sure I enjoyed that.

This 4% in volume Crabbie's Rhubarb Alcoholic Ginger Beer has a sweet rhubarb aroma with a fiery ginger beer smell right behind it. As you can see from the photograph this rhubarb ginger beer was bright pink in colour.

Served cool from my beer fridge this screaming pink drink welcomed in the spring for me. There was the sweet rhubarb to start off with, and then a warming spice from the ginger beer into the aftertaste. As soon as I started drinking it, I could not stop. It turns out that I love Crabbie's Rhubarb Alcoholic Ginger Beer too.

Crabbie’s Rhubarb Alcoholic Ginger Beer

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