5 May 2022

Waitrose Levantine Rose & Pistachio Shortbread by @NLi10


Ah Waitrose - jumping on all the new trends such as the Levantine Bronze Age culture of agriculture.  Of course the Middle East kept on innovating and farming past that, which has lead to us these rather posh biscuits.  You only get 8!

And while there might be only a slight 145g of shortbread here, there are some mighty interesting flavours.  The rose is apparent from the second you crack the seal. You'll possibly already know from that whether these will bring back childhood memories of rosewater, and hints of deserts from Middle Eastern eateries.  For me it's a bit of both.

8 servings is not actually a lie - these are pretty intense biscuits.  

And the smooth surface only hints at the nutty textures hidden inside.

I also love that the cut they've used means that the edges will never be quite perfect - gives them a home-made feel.

So - perfect for sharing after dinner with a strong sweet black tea as you stare out over the Mediterranean, or just have a well earned sit down after unpacking the Waitrose delivery.

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