2 May 2022

Tango Berry Peach (Tesco) By @cinabar

Tango Berry Peach

Here we have new summer flavours, but if only we had the weather to match. Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK, which means an extra day off for those of us with office hours. There is a tradition (or running joke) in the UK that it always rains on a UK Bank Holiday and today it has been grey and drizzling, so it is living up to its reputation. We still managed to have a nice day though; lunch out and board games in the afternoon. To go with the gaming, I’m trying out this new drink; Tango Berry Peach and it is a very Summery sounding flavour.

I poured the contents of the can into a glass and it was a seriously pink and fizzy concoction. The drink looks quite pretty in the glass. I have to point out that this is a sugar-free drink because I know that will put some people off. The drink is sweet though, seriously sweet, but my sweet tooth was fine with it. There was a lot of raspberry taste, with the peach as the after flavour adding a mellower taste to the zing berry. This Tango Berry Peach is a lovely and refreshing drink and would be perfect on a hot day, if the British weather could just organise that it would be perfect.

Tango Berry Peach

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