3 May 2022

Cookie Pop Popcorn Chips Ahoy (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Cookie Pop Popcorn Chips Ahoy

Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks and I find myself fascinated by all the flavours that are out there. I do always end up back with Cinema Sweet as my favourite, but I can’t resist the limited editions too. Here we have Cookie Pop Popcorn Chips Ahoy where biscuits and popcorn collide.

I poured out the contents of the bag and was impressed by the generous portion of coating. There was chocolate zigzagging all over the place. This particular popcorn is flavoured with cookie pieces, so there was a dusting of that too. The pieces of popcorn are quite big and fluffy, with a slight crispiness to the edges.

The flavour is very much milk chocolate, with just a bit of a cookie biscuit flavour there too. They were tasty and fun to eat, but I felt it could have been a little heavier on the biscuit taste to live up to the name.I still rather enjoyed this bag of Cookie Pop Popcorn Chips Ahoy and would buy it again, along with any other limited editions I can find too.

Cookie Pop Popcorn Chips Ahoy

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