17 May 2022

Tropical Muffin (Costa) By @Cinabar

Tropical Muffin (Costa)

The sun is shining, we can start to smell the barbecues, the pink flamingoes are roaming (maybe) and the summer specials are in at Costa. There are definitely pink flamingos all around his new Tropical Muffin from Costa. I couldn’t resist giving it a try, it is super cute too topped with a pink flamingo and did I mention the pink flamingo wrapper?

Inside the muffin there is a lovely tropical medley of fruit that tastes like summer. It is a golden fruit flavour combining mango and passionfruit, and I loved every bite. I was surprised by how much fruit there was, including small pieces in the texture.

The muffin itself was a plain vanilla base, but it was moist and sweet too. It was a good fluffy sponge. I love the decoration, the theming and now just want the weather to hold out. I am a big fan of mango and am so pleased to see the flavour becoming a bit more mainstream. It is perfect for the warmer weather, even when served with a hot coffee inside!

Tropical Muffin (Costa)

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