30 May 2022

Jubilee Muffin (Costa) By @Cinabar

Jubilee Muffin (Costa)

We are in a three-day week celebrating the Jubilee, and this means we have Jubilee treats in the shop. I felt this was a good excuse to treat myself to one of Costa’s Jubilee Muffins, all wrapped up in a Union Jack paper case. How very British. The muffin also looks rather regal with a chocolate crown on top. I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

The flavour of Costa’s Jubilee Muffin is similar to a Victoria sponge, with a vanilla base, buttercream and jam filling. I started by tasting some of the buttercream and it was sweet, rich and super creamy. It was such a good flavour, but a small portion of topping. The gold crown is milk chocolate which was nice too. The sponge under was fluffy with lots of sweet vanilla running through it. The raspberry jam was a nice fruity blast to help contrast the creamier flavours and it worked like a treat, much like it does on a Victoria Sponge. These new Costa’s Jubilee Muffins are based on a classic, and I really will miss them when they are gone. Definitely something worth picking up this week, if just to celebrate the extra bank holiday and long weekend.

Jubilee Muffin (Costa)

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