24 May 2022

Lotus Biscoff & Go (B&M Store) By @Cinabar

Lotus Biscoff & Go

This biscuit and dip pack reminded me of being a kid. I used to pick up a pack of biscuit sticks with a chocolate hazelnut dip after school sometimes to have as a treat while doing my homework, and for reasons unknown haven’t really touched that type of confectionery for years. I guess the homework stopped? I couldn’t resist a new version though, these Lotus Biscoff & Go.

I think I assumed that these would be Lotus biscuit sticks with a Lotus biscuit dip, which, if I had stopped to think about for a few minutes, I would have realised it wouldn’t quite have worked. Lotus biscuits are rich and brittle and therefore making a chunky version for dipping. The biscuits inside are plain, it is just the dip that is Lotus Biscoff flavoured.

I scooped a good portion out with the biscuit stick and gave it a try. I loved the taste, it was rich and full of that nice spiced biscuit flavour, all with a lovely crunch. I found them fun to eat too, and filled with nostalgia. I have to say Lotus Biscoff & Go is a lovely twist on a classic treat.

Lotus Biscoff & Go

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