12 May 2022

Cheerios Vanilla O's - Low Sugar and High Fibre - by @NLi10

 Breakfast time is a fun time, even though they banned all the toys in the packs.  Here we have the good old favourite of Cheerios but now with a hint of vanilla.

So - what's changed?

Same basic cereal but with a tiny hint of vanilla.

And dipping the cereal in the milk (here - almonds) washes all the vanilla off - but then it tastes like Cheerios in really very hint of vanilla ice-cream.

In all honesty I'd probably not have noticed the vanilla if the box wasn't different - but I did enjoy the cereal (although I always seem to be hungry by 11 with this sort of thing).

Worth a shot if you already like the cereal, but not a must buy like the Shreddies variants.

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