20 May 2022

Hellman’s Gravy Flavour Mayonnaise (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Hellman’s Gravy Flavour Mayonnaise

I can’t help wondering how this Hellman’s Gravy Flavour Mayonnaise came about. It isn’t exactly an obvious combination of flavours. Don’t get me wrong, I have both a Northern parent where the cultural choice is chips and gravy and my other parent is European, where it is all about mayo and chips. The result is that I like either. I can appreciate both flavour combinations but, significantly, I like them separately. I have never ever thought of combining the two, but here we go.

I opened up the tub of Hellman’s Gravy Flavour Mayonnaise and dolloped a portion on the side next to my chips. I gave it a try and wasn’t sure about the flavour. The mayonnaise base is rich and creamy, which was nice with the salt on the chips. The meaty gravy flavour was also salty, but it was fine. It was okay with the chips. I think I will be quite happy to finish the tub, but I can’t honestly say I’d be rushing out for another pack. The conclusion is that, for me, it is still about chips or gravy, but not both.

As an alternate view, Spectre had some of this Hellman’s Gravy Flavour Mayonnaise the next day with boiled potatoes, and said it was fabulous, so perhaps I will have to give it a chance on other things too.

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