19 May 2022

Waterhouse Fayre - Raspberry Jam - by @NLi10

My partner liked to bring back food from her trips and this came from Westward Ho! which is the actual name of somewhere in England.  I'm not entirely sure where Waterhouse Fayre are based, but lets look together shall we.

So far, so normal - but again this has an award!

Small batch jam from what I presume is a West Country farm - awesome!

And look at that richness - exactly how jam should be - like a blob that slowly sinks into the scone or bread you popped it on.  This is full of fruit - lots of little bits of flavour and joy all rolled in to one.

And this only got Silver?  What were the judges thinking - I can only assume that Waterhouse Fayre submitted another flavour alongside this.  And I shall be hunting for that on our next trip to that area.


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