15 May 2022

Miles Finest Teas - West Country Original Blend - by @NLi10 #TeasAroundBritain

 As part of my accidental (but ongoing) Teas Around Britain series my partner picked up this West Country Original Blend while on holiday in that general area.  The West Country is vaguer than the Black Country (where we all live) and is basically centred around Devon and that area (of which we are huge fans).

I'm not sure if she actually went to Porlock, but was in Devon next door and got this on the way back.  Dedication!

It's an Assam blend so people who like regular tea will be happy, and those who like to add fruitiness (or drink without milk) will also be happy.

Reasonable tea-bags and colour on brew.

I couldn't get a picture of the tea colour with the milk in, but it was fairly normal there.

It has a great taste though and is very much something you'd expect in a tea-room or cafe.  A good, all round blend that I could happily drink all day (especially as I've run out of the similar Lifeboat tea at the moment).

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