18 May 2022

White Chocolate Smarties (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

White Chocolate Smarties

I love white chocolate. That's no secret. I often have a bar or two of white chocolate for pudding with a white hot chocolate drink, and a tub of low calorie vanilla ice cream for pure indulgence. I used to like Nestle Smarties when I was young, many, many, many moons ago. So these new White Chocolate Smarties sound like a real treat.

When I enjoy other chocolate bar puddings, such as milk chocolate, I have a habit of tipping Minstrels into my tub of low calorie vanilla ice cream. I feel that Minstrels and vanilla ice cream were made for each other. That does make me wonder if these White Chocolate Smarties, and now indeed regular Smarties would be the same. Well, there's only one way to find out.

White Chocolate Smarties

As you can see from the photograph on popping open the recyclable cardboard packaging (no original plastic Smarties tube tops here) there were a multitude of colours of White Chocolate Smarties. On biting one in half the Smartie was full of white chocolate. I thought these Smarties were nice and crunchy with smooth and creamy white chocolate inside. They also went rather well with my vanilla ice cream, so I'll have these again. A good bonus was that they made me feel young and gave me a smile.

White Chocolate Smarties

Information on the tube; The 36g tube had 87 calories per half tube, with 3.6g of fat, 11.5g of sugar, and 0.05g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

White Chocolate Smarties


Andrew Winton said...

Did you notice that the orange one in these white Smarties isn't orange flavoured like they are in regular Smarties? The shell is the same flavour as all the others - I suppose they assume you'll be distracted by the white chocolate and not notice?

cinabar said...

I actually pointed this out to Spectre when we were trying them. Seems he got distracted by white chocolate and forgot to mention it. :-D