8 May 2022

Wagon Wheels Orange - Very Citrus, Much Wow @NLi10

 I spotted these in the Nissa by work and decided that this was a really clever idea and wondered why we hadn't seen them before.

Turns out that Cinabar talked about these in July 21, but now they have escaped from Iceland and made it in to the real world.

Burton's have done a few variants over the years, but a good strong Orange is something that I've always fancied.

And here it is - hooray!

They look larger in the pictures than in person - I do wish they did a grown-up size of these too.

But - it is full of the jam - and the taste is almost too strong and acidic - mainly as the jam seems to have pooled in one area. And these were nice enough to want more of, but not so nice that I didn't give the whole rest of the pack away to colleagues to try.

I think these would work better with some really dark chocolate, and maybe some bits of Orange in the jam, but that would make it a very different biscuit indeed.  A nice variety indeed.


Anonymous said...

I miss waggon wheels, even knowing I'd be disappointed by them now. 11 years of self-imposed abstinence; of all the variants they've produced, we're sadly yet to see a vegetarian version. I'd eat that disappointment to savour the childhood nostlgia.

Anonymous said...