10 May 2022

Warburton’s Fruit Loaf With Orange (Asda) By @Cinabar

Warburton’s Fruit Loaf With Orange

One of my favourite simple things for lunch is toast. This might make me sound like an eternal student with my eating habits, but working from home it is quick and easy and tasty. Add in a chocolate spread and it is a winner. Today I thought I would try a different twist on it, and I picked up this Warburton’s Fruit Loaf With Orange, which I hadn’t seen before.

Now I think this bread is made for the toaster. The slices are small so you get a full toasting without any bits sticking out. Why do regular toasters insist on being smaller than some slices of bread? Who makes them like that? I hate having a raw edge. Anyway, no such problem here. The whole piece was submerged.

I added a decent layer of butter to the toast and gave it a try. I loved the sticky fruit in the toast, it was sweet and pleasing and it meant I wasn’t reaching for the jam. The bread toasted well, crispy on the edges, soft inside. The flavour was gently fruity from the raisins, but the taste from the orange was very mild, just a light citrus hint in the background. I would still buy this Warburton’s Fruit Loaf With Orange again, just the fuel I needed before the afternoon of work from home meetings kicked in.

Warburton’s Fruit Loaf With Orange

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