26 June 2022

Coca Cola Signature Mixture 2 - Spicy - with Southern Comfort (By @NLi10)

I've had this little bottle of spicy Coke for ages - but not really a reason to crack it open.


My friend finished building the Lego Titanic on stream (28 hour build!) and we joked that we should drink Jack with one very large ice-cube to celebrate.  I didn't really  have that though, but figured this was the closest option.

It has lots of fire in it, but also lots of botanicals - could it be that Coke fears Fentimans?

Otherwise it sounds a lot like a Cola.

And I paired it with this - Southern Comfort & Lime from a previous review

Spirits don't go off do they?!

Using the traditional alcohol review glass

It fizzed up nicely and had a good smell

And it tasted great - basically like a Fentiman's cola cocktail with a kick of ginger - and then the fruity undertones of the Southern Comfort.

I'll have to either pick up more when Waitrose has them in at Christmas - or make my own by adding a dash of ginger beer to the cola like we did as kids!

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zeddy said...

The "herb" one tastes like medicine to me and not in a bad way.