21 June 2022

Mini Viennese Vanilla Ice Creams (Aldi) By @Cinabar

Mini Viennese Vanilla Ice Creams (Aldi)

Who doesn't love the classic Viennese ice cream layer desserts, and all of its retro goodness? Why wouldn’t you want to eat an entire (albeit miniature) one to yourself. Well, Aldi have put one on a stick and in the name of summer I’m giving it a try. I didn't need much encouragement to be fair.

I opened up the wrapper and two things stood out. Firstly, these are a small ice cream which makes sense as it does say ‘mini’ on the box. Still, I had been expecting them to be a little bit bigger. Secondly was how super cute these lollies are. They even have ripples down the side. There is a layer of chocolate throughout the middle as well as on the top and the base.

The ice cream is lovely and creamy and the chocolate is thin, but the dark nature makes the cocoa taste stand out. I like the crispiness of the chocolate which texture adds to theming of the original ice cream cake. My favourite thing, though, is the novelty. These Mini Viennese Vanilla Ice Creams look lovely and made me smile. A perfect treat on a warm evening.

Mini Viennese Vanilla Ice Creams (Aldi)

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