2 June 2022

Lovely Jubilee! Tea and Muffins with the Queen ('s 70th celebrations) by @NLi10

Happy free Bank Holiday to Englanders - let us celebrate the Queen being The Queen for 70 years.  It's longer than any of us will get to (or have to) do anything! Considering most people get to retire at 65 years of age, doing the actual job for longer than that puts us to shame.  My waving hand would be in agony by now!

Lots of products have been released to coincide with the Jubilee - most deciding that Corgi's should be eaten rather than effigies of her maj.  The lovely people at the best normal tea company PG Tips wisely put them on the box.  I'd have quite liked a commemorative plastic toy like the olden days but times have changed.

Maybe there will be tea cards inside?!

Nope - just some clip art corgis.  And the calorific information.

Deep down though it's just proper, hardworking PG sourced from abroad to fill a gap in the British market, like the Royal Family themselves!

I ended up in Serenity Cafe today (Bearwood Highstreet - fairly basic but good grub) and they had decorations on the tables!

I had an English Muffin to celebrate (with tea - but harder to photo that in a crowded restaurant) - bacon and egg.  It's what The Queen would have wanted.

Long may she reign over us, unless she's bored and wants to let Charlie have a go - that'd be cool too.  I think the Royal's are excellent for tourism, and as the Medieval equivalent of reality TV stars are pretty good at encouraging people to visit the UK and spend money (and emigrate here with all their lovely foods to stuff and find).

So I don't begrudge her a weekend party after all the lovely things we've got in return, but I'm still not watching any of it deliberately.

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