19 June 2022

Mochi Cookies with Choc Chips & Artificial Matcha (by @NLi10)

Ah - cookies - wonderful American things. But wait - these are clearly international - Taiwanese to be precise.  But for the American Audience it seems.

It's in Oz! So American.

Pie Cookies also sounds very American - lets hope these taste at least a little international.

Look at these lovely little lumps, joyous little cookies that they are.

And they are just about gooey enough in the middle to match the pictures - so that's not so bad.

And the cookie part is quite like an American cookie with the odd aftertaste and everything. The green tea is fairly authentic - although it really makes me want a proper tea.


A lead warning?  That's ... not something I want to see on my food.  Is this an Americanism like the 'please chew' warning? What on earth is going on over there?

Anyway - these are nice - not 'must buy' and something I'm happy to share with others.  The flavour is decent, and the Matcha buzz is there, but those warnings make me a little scared to have these again.


Bulldoger said...

😂🤪😂🤪 💯 this is not something that would ever in a million years be sold in the USA! Lead warning???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

NLi10 said...

It's mad right?! Maybe they designed it for the USA, and then because of the warnings just put it in Post-Brexit England lol