14 June 2022

Dr Pepper Cotton Candy (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Dr Pepper Cotton Candy

I think Dr Pepper might well be the Marmite of the soft drinks world. It is an acquired taste. I’m not even sure I can describe the flavour. I’ve heard haters say ‘like shampoo’, but for me, it has a wonderful candy flavour that is both sweet, almost fruity and refreshing. It is one of those drinks that always makes me smile. I couldn’t wait to taste this candy floss (cotton candy) made with the same flavour.

I opened up the bag, the aroma was sweet and like the drink. Now I’m just going to come straight out and say it, this candy floss is ugly. The colour makes it look like meat and is not in the least bit appetising. It almost looks like meat. If you can get past that, the flavour is mind-blowing good, like Dr Pepper fun but with added sugar. It tastes of childhood sweets, and is just such a fun product. It might not be pretty, but taste wise, it ticks all the boxes.

Dr Pepper Cotton Candy

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