4 June 2022

Sandringham Beers Queen’s Jubilee By @SpectreUK

Sandringham Beers Queen’s Jubilee

It's the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. After 70 years of service she has reigned longer than any other monarch in the UK. I was bought a boxset of Sandringham Beers a little while back and thought I'd save them for this occasion.

Norfolk brewed these two Sandringham Beers were produced from crops grown on the Sandringham Estate. The Sandringham Estate Is a wildlife reserve with pheasants, hares, owls and other species living in the surrounding forest and farmland. Barsham Brewery created Best Bitter and Golden IPA using Organic Laureate Spring Barley. Cold filtered three different hops were used in the brewing of both beers.

Golden IPA is 5% in volume and was deep golden in colour. There was a fine herbal hop aroma on opening the bottle followed by sweet malted barley. On taste this Golden India Pale Ale had a biscuit sweetness to start with from the malted barley, followed closely by a bite of herbal hops and then pale malt into the aftertaste. This rather flavoursome ale went very well indeed with my Harry Ramsden's fish fingers and chips. I'd certainly recommend it.

Friday Bank Holiday seemed like a good day for a MacDonalds takeaway. So I decided to have a Triple Cheese Burger with extra bacon, and fries on the side. This rather posh Best Bitter is 4.3% in volume. It seemed like overkill on a burger meal, but burger, chips and beer usually goes well together. On opening the bottle there was a strong toasted bread aroma of sweet malted barley. This light brown bitter has sweet caramel flavoured malts running right through it, with a mild herbal bitterness from the added hops in the midst of all those sumptuous malts. Gorgeous. Perfect with a burger an chips or just a bag of pork scratchings or Ready Salted crisps. Yum.

So, congratulations Queenie, and I hope you have quite a few more years under your belt.

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