18 June 2022

Juice Forsyth Juice Bonus Fruited IPA (Brew York) By @SpectreUK

Juice Forsyth Juice Bonus Fruited IPA (Brew York)

Brew York Brewery must be a big fan. I always loved seeing Bruce Forsyth in anything. He was brilliant. An all round entertainer. One of the best performers that's ever been on TV as far I'm concerned. I was pretty upset when he passed away a few years back. The favourite programme I ever watched him in was The Muppets show. Brew York's favourite must have been 'Play Your Cards Right'.

At 5% in volume this Juice Forsyth Juice Bonus Fruited IPA was brewed with Cascade, Citra, CTZ (Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus), and Mosaic hops. This India Pale Ale had muchos pineapple, passion fruit, and mango added in the brewing. So this should be quite a tropical ale indeed, possibly perfect on a scorching hot day such as this.

On opening the can there was a fruity tropical citrus aroma explosion from the fizzy murky liquid inside. I could smell the pineapple, a touch of passion fruit and a whack of mango amongst the jumble of American style hops and sweet pale malts. This misty golden IPA had an initial tropical fruitiness that mixed with the multitude of hops, and then with sweet pale malts to the finish. 

Unfortunately I couldn't decide if a liked this Juice Forsyth Juice Bonus Fruited IPA. It was almost too heavy with tropical juice rather than with hops and malts that the confused flavours seemed to fight each other rather than work together. There was indeed such a wide variety of flavours all jumbling over each other, rather than complementing each other like Bruce's wide variety of talents.  I prefer the legendary performer myself rather than the beer. 

And you know what good old Bruce would have said; "Nice to see you, to see you nice!"

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