27 June 2022

Wotsits Giants - Prawn Cocktail (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Wotsits Giants - Prawn Cocktail

I’m an easy sell. I like novelty. I buy things that make me smile, and Giant Wotsits work for me at that level. Plus, these ones are a new flavour I haven’t tried before. Here we have Wotsits Giants Prawn Cocktail flavour. The crisps are baked too meaning that they are lower calorie, but I guess this is a big bag and it really depends on how many I can eat.

We were having some of the Wotsists with lunch so I shared them out to go with our sandwiches. Even as I poured them out of the bag I was smiling, they really were giant curls of Wotsits.

Thankfully the flavour lived up to the hype too, these had a good strong prawn cocktail taste. There was plenty of zingy flavour, a hit of tomato, a splash of vinegar and a warmth of some spice too. They were spot on and I was so pleased the taste wasn’t too mild. My fingers did that thing that happens with Wotsits and were covered in seasoning. I ate all the Prawn Cocktail Giant Wotsits on my plate, then went back for the rest of the bag. My portion was defiantly not the recommended size, I think I might be hooked.

Wotsits Giants - Prawn Cocktail

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