11 June 2022

New Dawn Citrus IPA (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

New Dawn Citrus IPA

I've been saving this New Dawn Citrus IPA for when I get a new job. Unfortunately my search is taking a little longer than first anticipated. I've had four interviews so far. I was offered the first one, but they wanted me to go there instead of work at home, which would have been too expensive to travel to by car, and the public transport in the UK is a joke. I was close with the other three, but apparently I'm not answering the questions robotically enough. There is a marking system behind the questions and I'm too conversational. We'll have to look up and practice the right answers I suppose. Whatever happened to a good chat?

This New Dawn Citrus IPA was produced by the Shepherd Neame Brewery in Kent. They are Britains oldest brewer established in 1698. So they must know what they're doing. They've used citrus American hops in this India Pale Ale. At 5% in volume it's sported on the back of the bottle as "a light and easy drinking ale". I'm more of a bitter beer drinker, but with hints of orange promised and further citrus from the Citra hops, this should be rather refreshing on a sunny day such as this.

On opening the bottle there was definitely an orange zest and a citrus hoppy aroma from the deep golden India Pale Ale. This New Dawn Citrus IPA had an initial orange flavour with more of a bitter bite than I was expecting. In fact this ale was very flavoursome indeed. With its refreshing orange and added bitter citrus tang to start with followed by sweet pale malts, this was a lovely beer indeed. The olde English brewer Shepherd Neame really does know what they're doing.

New Dawn went perfectly well with my salmon sandwich and Hippeas Chickpea Puff Snacks Sweet and Smokin', which Cinabar wrote about yesterday. Cheers!

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