15 June 2022

Nestle Lion Coconut (B&M) bar By @SpectreUK

Nestle Lion Coconut

I have always loved Lion bars. I've recently tried Nestle's Caramel Blond. They were rather good and I have a new pack of five bars to munch through of those. Cinabar bought me these Nestle Lion Coconut bars at the same time as buying the pack of Caramel Blond. I've never been a fan of chocolate and chocolate. Although I used to love Snowballs as a kid, but I haven't seen those in years. Besides these Nestle Lion Coconut bars are white chocolate covered caramel and chocolate filled wafers. That sounds like heaven in a chocolate bar.

I decided to have a luxury pudding to cheer myself up a bit. Pain management from my various injuries and rehabilitation can really get me down at times. My knee can't cope at all with hot summer weather. I have to ice and raise it more often every day from now on.

Nestle Lion Coconut

So I had a white hot chocolate and a low calorie vanilla ice cream with this Nestle Lion Coconut bar. As you can see from the photograph on biting into the bar there was gooey caramel around the wafers inside. The taste of coconut, caramel and white chocolate with the crunchy wafers all at the same time, whilst washed down with my favourite white hot chocolate coupled with the ice cream was almost to die for. I guess you have to appreciate your food in life, if nothing else is perfect.

Information on the packet; The 30g bars are 151 calories each, with 4.3g of fat, 14.8g of sugar, and 0.17g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Nestle Lion Coconut

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