25 June 2022

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer

Beer with coffee, whatever next. It's rare that I have a stout with my steak and chips. It's the perfect combination to me, but I'm usually blogging about some other beer on a Friday steak night. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw this four pack of Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer turn up in the shopping. And then I noticed it was beer, and not stout.

It does say 'beer' on the label rather than specifically 'Porter', which can generally be brewed with coffee or have at least a coffee flavour from the roasted chocolate malt. So I'm expecting this Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer to be more of a Porter style beer. At 4% in volume it should go rather well with my steak and chips, even if it isn't a stout. Especially with its reported notes of coffee, chocolate and caramel. It almost sounds like an after dinner beer or pudding beer.

On popping open the 440ml can the excitable almost black frothy liquid inside blew up all over me, spurted out the sides of my gob as I tried desperately to catch it and then all over the carpet. So now the bedroom carpet smells like a bar room floor. Never mind. This sweet coffee, caramel and roasted chocolate flavoured beer tasted really good as it quickly covered me and everything else nearby.

Strong in coffee aroma, Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer smelled like a sweet caramel heavy coffee, with hints of dark chocolate to follow. On taste this coffee flavoured beer had a rich sumptuous caramel and coffee flavour to start with, which was quickly followed by a roasted chocolate malt.

This was a gorgeous deep aromatic and flavoursome beer that went perfectly with my steak and chips, and I managed to save what little was left for a bit of pudding, which was a Unicorn cake that Cinabar had baked that afternoon.


Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer

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