30 June 2022

Dots Donuts - Forest Fruits - Ethical Delights! (@NLi10)

 The Junk Food Place at work (discarded food, not high-calorie food) has recently had a series of sweet treats for me to pick up. These are food that is out of date so the supermarket cannot sell it - but that is absolutely fine to eat.  If they didn't go to this charity then they would be disposed of - and that's wasteful!  These were £1.50 - then 64p then free for a donation for me!

For this you get 2 lovely doughnuts, sealed in a presentation box - and looking very luxurious.

I think the coverings are why they are called Dots (the other flavour I had later also had Dots on top).

And inside is a twin filling too! Yum.

For the first lot I just ate as is - for the Boston Cream flavour I microwaved it and it became a lush pudding.

My assumption is that this is a new brand that people haven't been brave enough to try rather than something that people haven't wanted - these are well worth £1.50 for two!  Not quite at Krispy Kreme level for the body, but the fillings are awesome and the toppings are interesting too.

I look forwards to eating more of these - whether for a donation or a trip to the Co-Op.


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