9 June 2022

Elmlea 100% Plant, Double Cream by @NLi10

I've been trying to reduce my dairy intake (saving it for tea and pizza toppings) so finding alternatives for ordinary things has been pretty important.  The creams have been decent so far - but not invisibly dairy free.

This is Elmlea 100% Plant and it's the closest I've found in a long time - perfect for strawberries and cream, but we used it on pie.

It's a little more bubbly than your standard cream, but otherwise it does look pretty similar - and the cats were even convinced that it was real so they tried to steal and and wanted to help clean the bowl.

I liked the texture, and taste and had no dairy involved so is also Eco and healthy.  Now I need to buy more and try to make vegan carbonara!

Ed: An eagle eyed commenter (Ben) bellow spotted the palm oil and asked about it's credentials.

I got my favourite Orangutan to check it out.

"Elmlea is committed to sustainable palm oil."  Hmmm.  Is that good enough?

The links just take us to a contact form I guess I'll have to find out what the best international standards are for this and see what they are doing to match!


Ben said...

Doesn't say that it's using sustainable palm oil, I'd avoid it.

NLi10 said...

Hi Ben, It does on the back - I'll update that in the review now. Not sure if sustainable is good enough - I'd have to do a bit of research into how it effects my good friends the Orangutan as companies often try to weasel out of that one. Stick to olive oil!!


Anonymous said...

Eew, any kind of palm oil is bad. Just go with sustainable dairy!