16 June 2022

Evil Custard Bunny Bao - Possessed Snacks @NLi10

Is this a Halloween review? 

What are they?!  Why are the eyes like that?  What have they seen??!

Oh - Rabbit shaped Custard Buns.  They look quite happy and innocent on the package.

This suggests 3-4 minutes in the microwave - but that must be for the whole pack.

Ah - specialised steam box - I don't have that - luckily I have the steam bags from the other brand - have to get the timings right.

So menacing, but so cute.

30 sec each isn't too far off - much more and the bottoms burn and go hard.  The custard is hot but still gooey.

This one didn't go right and was over cooked.

Luna likes the little ears, but was not keen on the custard.  

A successful China discovery but maybe they also sell microwave bao boxes? 

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