5 June 2022

Super Zeros Carb Rebel - Apple & Cinnamon - Pro Cereal, High Protein Low Sugar by @NLi10


The kind people at Super Zeros sent me a little care package of cereals this weekend so I made a little video opening it (you don't need to watch it if your more a text kind of person).  Inside were two boxes of their new cereal and a few surprises.

I've decided to split the review into the two different flavours so I can try them for a while and see how I get on - after all this isn't just food - it's science!

They don't make lots of dubious claims on this one though - just that it's lower in sugar and higher in protein.  That's pretty refreshing. They haven't even amped up the superhero angle too much (else like the RNLI 'life-saver' tea they might have to pop a disclaimer on the box)

The balls are fairly interesting looking - and they certainly smell like cinnamon and apple.  I guessed the portion size and popped them in the newly provided bowl.

With a few left over blueberries of course - vitamins and sweetness all in one.

Using almond milk makes it even more healthy right? And eco friendly too! 

Both cats are still convinced the bowl is for them though!

So - the cereal? How does it hold up.

Well - it's certainly different.  Unlike carb based cereals it didn't really go soft - I mean at all.  This meant that (without blueberries) it'd be one texture for the whole bowl.  While that's not all that exciting, it wasn't really a problem.  I have a cupboard full of things to mix it with to add pizzazz. 

The smell and taste are the same as the pre-milk test, both fantastic.  I'm still looking forwards to eating more of these - and unlike a lot of cereals the flavour didn't just wash off.

Most importantly it's filling - if you are looking for a simple breakfast that will keep you sorted til lunchtime then this works well.  And while I'm not sure I need epic amounts of protein this is a pretty innocuous way to start the day off with a boost.

The cereal was still a little dry though, and like puffed up crisps the texture takes a little getting used to.  It really is a whole new kind of breakfast experience.  I'll eat these for a while (trying a few non-dairy milk pairings like an early morning wine list) and see how I get on and likely report back with the chocolate version.

All in all - a cautious success.  If you are after more cinnamon breakfast cereals and to reduce your morning sugar intake (more on that in the video) then these could be exactly what you've been looking for.

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