12 June 2022

Dell Ugo - Fresh Spinach Gnocchi by @NLi10

 I'm a big fan of Italian food - and decent ingredients to eat at home are great.  Even better is pre-made dinner parts in bags ready to go!

Picked up via Waitrose, here we have Dell Ugo's Fresh Spinach Gnocchi.  

Lots of ways to cook, but we have become hooked to the pan fry version so I did that.

Sounds pretty good - lets see how it goes.

So juicy!

Bit much for the small pan, but they did say it was only two portions - so a bit of butter and we are away!

Crisping up nicely.  As always the gnocchi was firm but not tough and now with a lovely spinach taste and a slight crispiness to the outside.  Fantastically deluxe, and so exciting I forgot to take pictures of the plate!

I'm certainly going to have these again - but I have more Italian goodies to review from the little deli that appeared on Bearwood high-street first.

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